Interfaith Minister/Professional Wedding Officiant

 I became an officiant in January 2018. I served Colorado Springs and the surrounding area for 4 years ..bringing together over 30 couples. After 4+ beautiful years, I have relocated. I am now serving the community of Oklahoma City. 

There are a lot of jobs in the world but not many are as special as an officiant. Officiants have the power to join two people in love, help people dedicate their lives to their God, and help people send their loved ones to the next life. An officiant is the one who you trust to handle the last representation and memories of your loved ones who have passed on.

Traditionally officiants are pastors, rabbis, priests, etc. As an Interfaith Officiant/Minister, I do not belong to one particular religion or belief.

As your wedding officiant/celebrant/minister, my beliefs are your beliefs.

My main goal as an officiant is to bring people together in the name of love & peace without any restrictions or stipulations on their love or beliefs.

l  will officiate the ceremony of your choosing whether it be spiritual, religious, same-sex, eloping, handfasting, Wiccan, cosplay,, agnostic, atheist, etc.

And always remember that if you are working with me you are working in a JUDGMENT-FREE ZONE.  ALL couples aged 18 and up are welcome.

Proudly serving  Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. 


 Ordained Minister since January 2018. 

Bachelors in Psychology.  




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Oklahoma City, OK


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