House Blessings/ Sage Cleansing



House Blessings aka (smudgings, sagings, clearings) are a very old Native American tradition.  House blessings are practiced by various religions. Each religion has it's own tradition when it comes to the House Blessing/Smudging. Smudging is the act of burning white sage, sage, or other herbs to cleanse the space of negative.   White sage is antimicrobial meaning that if burned long enough it will actually cleanse the air in the space that you are having smudged. 


 The goal of smudging is to ensure that the flow of energy within the home is balanced and benefits the people that live there. Smudging/blessing a home, office or any facility used for a gathering of people can prevent discord and make things flow in a more positive direction for all.   

  Whether you're renting or buying smudging your home can clear it of any negativity left behind by the previous family or even potential buyers or renters that have viewed the living space.  Some energies from previous residents remain in a home. Those energies could be from depression, anger, grief, illness, etc. These residual energies can have an effect on the next inhabitants of the home or business.   

A Smuding/Blessing will freshen and revitalize the energy in your home or business. 


Smudgings can be done for any occasion that you see fit. Below are a few examples of occasions where a smudging has been done: 

  • Selling your home
  • Moving into a new home or office 
  • A new addition to the family (baby, adoption, etc)
  • Wedding 
  • Moving into a significant other's home

Smudging, clearing, blessing, and saging are used interchangeably