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Baby Welcoming Ceremonies

 Having a baby is a special moment in a family’s life. A moment that should be celebrated. Before the baby gets here we have a baby shower, which prepares the parents for the new baby. But once the baby is born we don't celebrate this precious life again until a year later.  The following ceremonies help celebrate the birth of your sweet baby boy or girl once they've arrived. 

Baby blessing, baby naming/welcoming, baby dedication, and baby baptism ceremonies celebrate that your new baby is here. They celebrate the blessing that is childbirth. These types of ceremonies honor your child’s life and bring forth you the parent’s promises to raise your child to the best of your abilities.

Let's meet. Let me get to know you, your family and your baby.  Let's put together a baptism, baby blessing/naming, or dedication that you'll always remember.

Let's plan a ceremony that will welcome your little one into a world of love!


Baby Blessing Ceremony

Baby Blessing Ceremony

Baby Blessing Ceremony


Baby blessings can be religious, spiritual, or just loving in nature. Blessings can be done in a place of a christening or baptism if either one of those is not apart of your beliefs or religion.  Baby blessings are sometimes done in combination with baby naming ceremonies.

Baby’s and parents are blessed with holy oil during a religious blessing if desired. Baby’s and parents are blessed with sage oil, sage water, rose oil, or rose water for non-religious/spiritual blessings.  

The ceremonies can be done for any age child or person. 

Baby Naming Ceremony

Baby Blessing Ceremony

Baby Blessing Ceremony


 A baby naming ceremony sometimes called a welcoming ceremony is for the baby and the parents. The baby is welcomed into the world and you the parents are welcomed into the world of parenting. 

The parents get the opportunity to share the new baby’s name and share the significance of the baby’s name. 

Depending on the religion the name given is the baby’s religious name and not the same as their given name that they will be called on a day to day basis. 

Family and friends can share their hopes and wishes for the baby/child as well. 

God Parents or guide parents are sometimes named at these ceremonies as well. 

 These gatherings can be shared with extended family and friends or just the immediate family can be involved. 

The ceremonies can be done for any age child or person. Whether you and your spouse are adopting a child or a new spouse has decided to adopt their partner’s current children. 

Baby Dedication Ceremony

Baby Dedication Ceremony

Baby Dedication Ceremony


 A dedication ceremony is what a lot of parents choose for their infants and young children. A dedication is when the child’s parents/guardians decided to dedicate their child to God. By dedicating their child to God the parents are making the choice to raise their child in God’s way no matter the parent’s beliefs. 

 Baby dedications can be done for any religion and not just Christianity.  Dedications can be done for children of all ages.


Baby Dedication Ceremony

Baby Dedication Ceremony


 Christening is what takes place during the baptism. Baptism is when one gives their faith to Jesus Christ. One who is being baptized has confessed their sins and chosen to follow God.  Baptisms can be done in a place of worship or  the location of your choosing. 

Baby’s and younger children can be baptized although they are usually reserved for older children, teens, and adults.  Baptisms can be done for people of all ages.  

All baptisms are performed with the sprinkling of holy water .